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Prospective Link Building Questions

 An SEO or content marketing agency usually gets a lot of questions from clients about the various services. Sometimes the client does not know what the services entail. If the prospective client has some specific requests, then it is easy to implement. However, some may not know exactly what they want, and it is your duty to help them with their needs.

 Here, are questions that should be asked about the link building proposal

 While trying to customize a link building proposal, there are some core questions that should always be asked. These are:-

 Goals and budget

 Link building may involve a large number of services. Therefore, you should be sure about the specific services that the client expects from you. It is also essential to figure out the budget constraints before embarking on the project. Here are the clarifications that you should seek.

 1. Do you have any specific goals which you want to be accomplished?

 2. What is the number of keywords or pages that you are targeting?

 3. Do you have micro sites or you only want to target the core site with the link building campaign?

 4. Have you set a budget for the project?

 5. What should we know about the value per lead, current traffic level or conversion rates during the evaluation process?

 Internal resources

 It is extremely essential to understand the internal resources that are available. This will ensure that you utilize them in order to guarantee that the clients meet their goals within the budget. Here are the questions that you should ask.

 1. Do you have content resources in house for example writers or bloggers?

 2. Do you have any content that you haven't posted on the Internet?

 3. Are there any development resources available such as a bandwidth to generate a widget or a free tool?

 4. Are there any graphics resources in your organization?

 5. Are there any videos or do you have the capacity to generate them easily?

 6. Do you conduct any surveys or studies on the industry?

 7. Should we be aware of any hurdles that might emerge while publishing the content on your site?

You may not seek all the clarifications depending on the conversation that you have had with the client.  It is also possible to include other questions that are not on this list. However, it is essential that you have a framework that will guide you while asking the questions in order to get quick responses. 


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